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Our corrugated metal raised beds are stronger than
other garden bed options and allow complete control
over soil and drainage. Our steel raised bed kits
make growing easy for gardeners at all skill levels.  

Wooden garden beds rot in a very short period of
time, usually within a season. Plastic beds will crack
under the sun in a season as well.  It is time to get rid
of garden bed rot forever and own a garden bed that
will last for decades, not just a few months!

Our corrugated galvanized steel garden beds will last
for decades and are the most popular type of elevated
garden bed used in Europe and Australia today.  No
more garden bed rot - just ask any Aussie!


Our corrugated garden beds are made from 100%
recyclable material  - meaning that they can be
reclaimed and reused without any material loss.

These galvanized raised beds are simple to install
and are engineered and tested to support the full
weight of vegetation and soil.


Corrugated galvanized steel is a superior choice
over all other garden bed materials.  

Visit any existing garden today and you will find that
wood will rot and plastic tends to crack.  Urban
farmers depend on corrugated steel for their backyard
farming today.  It is the material of choice for urban
agriculture enthusiasts.

The extraordinary depth of our metal garden beds help
with root growth and will keep moisture inside the
planter boxes.

Soil stays cooler in a galvanized bed compared to
stone, brick, concrete and wooden beds that will
soak up the summer sun during the day and stay hot
well into the evening.  For evidence of this fact look
to galvanized roofing, which is the preferred material
in the Southern United States.

Studies have shown that ambient temperatures are
cooler with galvanized material as compared to other
material options.  The steel material is reflecting off
the heat and keeping the soil cooler inside the bed

The garden beds are flat packed in a kit and then
shipped to your front door via UPS. They can easily
move with you from home to home.  These attractive
corrugated metal raised garden beds will add color
and a stylish look to your yard or garden. They are
galvanized to withstand harsh weather conditions for
decades to come.

This is a smarter and cheaper method to water trough
gardening or planting in trough garden beds. Use our
corrugated garden beds before using a trough.  

You will grow more vegetables per square yard each
season - year after year.

There is no digging of hard soil with heavy tools and no weeding in soil full of weeds and tree roots - this is true with all garden boxes.  But with ours, there is no major installation
like with cinder blocks or heavy treated wood or railroad timbers.  These garden beds make excellent green roof gardens because the soil does not compact and watering is much
more efficient.  The perfect solution for areas with poor soil or for areas where soil cannot be tilled.  Corrugated metal garden beds mean better drainage, better soil conditions, control
of pests and rodents, higher vegetable yields.  They can be shaded from hot summer sun or winter frost.  Perfect for areas experiencing poor soils and drought.