Constructed with galvanized steel material that is attractive and UV resistant.  At a height of 18 inches, each
corrugated  garden bed provides you with the depth needed to promote superior root growth of vegetables,
herbs, flowering plants.

Galvanized steel garden beds are an attractive choice over those constructed from treated plywood, pine or
concrete cinder blocks. Our galvanized raised garden bed kits are simple to install and are engineered and
tested to support the full weight of vegetation and soil.

Perfect for restricted areas that otherwise would not be conducive for gardening.  Even a small backyard can
come to life with a corrugated raised garden bed. Try one for your backyard garden today.  In larger backyards,
install multiple metal garden beds. This will  allow for crop rotation and an even bigger harvest.

The sun will break down plastic in less than a season.  The mixture of water/heat/soil will rot wood in less than
a season as well.  Concrete blocks are difficult to move and manuever into place and they retain heat well into
the evening.  Corrugated galvanized steel is the winner of all garden bed material options.
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